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veneered project profiles

Profil-Lista Oy manufactures wrapped profiles and furniture components for the needs of the construction and furniture industries. We help you reduce the cost of manufacturing your end-product without compromising quality. You can find more segment-specific information on our products below.

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We improve your cost-effectiveness and deliver products with better properties and hard-to-find wrapping materials. Our products are a great choice for replacing solid wood with more functional materials (such as aluminium, MDF or plastic), without losing the genuine look and feel of wood.

Our services include but are not limited to:

1. Design (together with the client)
2. Planing
3. Profile wrapping
4. Further profile tooling (sawing, drilling, milling, painting, lacquer finish, assembly, end-surface wrapping)
5. Packaging completed products



We have developed the oneTone system for tying colours and tones together in public and commercial buildings. More »