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Cost-Efficiency and Better Functionality Can Be Achieved with Profile Wrapping


Profile wrapping is a cost-effective method in producing end-products with consistent quality and better properties. Wrapping enables the use of rare surface materials and several different finishes. Our products are often suited for avoiding problems associated with solid wood and for maintaining the authentic look and feel of wood. Profile wrapping is also excellent for products that need to have special properties, such as fire safety and structural strength. With our help, you can find the optimal way to manufacture your products.

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Combining different materials is our strength. We know the best combinations of adhesive and base and wrapping materials for achieving the desired properties, such as:

– hard wear surface
– structural strength
– accord of colours
– various finishes


Base materials:

– aluminium
– plastic
– solid wood
– plywood
– chipboard


Wrapping materials:

– paper (mel)
– real wood veneers
– thin laminate cpl
– genuine aluminium foil
– PVC, PP and PET plastic foils



– polyolefins

Our contacts with the leading material suppliers always enable us to provide our customers with the latest materials.